About the Sheep

Hello there, I’m the Sheep! Who knew a sheep could fly!!? I didn’t and probably neither did any of you.

The nickname ‘Sheep’ came about a number of years ago. It’s the pet name I was given and I’m rather fond of it. As for the Red Baron-esque Sheep logo, it was drawn by my wife for me and this site.

I work for an airline in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a dream job that lets me travel the world and keeps me close to my love of aviation. On the side, I take a lot of photographs, play a lot of video games, and continue working towards the goal of at least my dispatch and private pilot’s certificate. Beyond that I have many grandiose plans. I started this blog, a Twitter feed, and a Facebook page —and also dedicated my Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr accounts— to chronicle my adventures in taking to the sky as a pilot, a passenger, and a lover of aviation. I want to share what the experience is like and what I learn a long the way.

Enjoy the musings!